Portrait Robert Graham, Artist

Robert Graham Artist

Robert Graham

The 21 photographs in Robert Graham’s CONSTRUCTIVISM exhibition are inspired by some of the great movements in early 20th century art.  Graham cites specifically works by Kasimir Malevich, Wassily Kandinsky and Alexander Rodchenko as having major influence behind this new series.

Graham’s “Constructivism” exhibition at GALLERY 4040 coincides with the release of his 144 page hardcover book by the same title. For this occasion Graham states, “I put this exhibit and companion book under the Constructivist umbrella in part because of an affinity for Russian art, music, and literature.

The opening public reception will be held Thursday, April 10, from 7-9pm.
The exhibition runs through May 23, 2014.

The exhibition was featured in ArtDaily.org on Friday, April 11,

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Please call or email Gallery 4040 for additional available works

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